What is the best way to manage all of your assignments?

I am going to an interview for an assistant job at my college's distance education department. The list of duties are enormous once I read the job posting. What are certain questions I can ask about the work in order to find out how much time I will spend on each task?

This is what they want the candidate to do:

Manage student databases. Create, maintain, and edit databases for testing and promotional and/or course related mailings.

Assist full-time and adjunct faculty for online testing.

Prepare, edit and distribute student tests. Schedule instructors for test proctoring.

Publish online exams and schedule proctored or practice/self-assessment. Proctor exams as necessary. Grade and record lab skills, quizzes, and exams.

Process and distribute instructional newsletters and grade notifications.

Process videotape distribution and returns. Distribute and collects SEOI forms.

Duplicate instructional materials.

Screen visitors. Answer phone calls. Sort and distribute faxes and mail.

Assist with help desk. Manage student queries. Refer and schedule students for regular and make-up orientations.

Operate various instructional office equipment.

Handle sensitive information in a professional and confidential manner.

File all correspondence. Maintain and protect applicant files, student testing and grading files. Purge and archive files as necessary. Maintain personal timesheets.

Assist with asset management and organizational stewardship. Maintain program inventory and ordering of supplies. As necessary, assist and guide students in all lab activities including equipment set-up and usage, restocking of supplies and preparation of laboratory practice areas and activities.

Other duties may be assigned.


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  • peter
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    8 years ago
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    That is some list.

    I assume your workload will depend on the number of students you have to cater for.

    Although some of these tasks look daunting, they can be managed easily. And once your under way I feel the job may not be as complex as it seems.

    I would feel you would need to have a high degree of computer literacy to make this task easier.

    I would also be concerned at what other duties you have to do, and if there is any assistance for you at all.

    There may be a low number of students enrolled in this education facility, then the jobs seem easy, but if your dealing with hundred or so individuals then the position takes on a different perspective.

    At the interview, you need to determine so facts, and make sure these are quantifiable. If there is assistance for you?

    Are you dealing with a low number of students?

    The position is for an assistant, which means there is someone else there to guide you, which is good.

    But ,don't make any decisions until you've been to the interview.

    You could be over whelmed, or accept the challenge.

    Good Luck.

  • 5 years ago

    To begin with Take A Breathe; attempt to prioritise your homework (i am no longer announcing put it off) however do the hardest stuff and the stuff you do not like first after which work your option to the enjoyable pleasurable homework and assignments. Also you could are attempting making a timetable for your whole subjects a night, say might be half of an hour a night, then for those who should not have math homework one night time you would spend that time on an project or more time for science. You are simply going to have to are trying a few different things and notice what works for you. I suppose the timetable might work. It was once my first yr high university last year and i just performed around with different ideas till i observed what worked for me. Hope i helped :) :)

  • 8 years ago

    remember most things you are not going to have to do every day..

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