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How do you achieve muscle definition?

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    It all depends on what muscles you want to define...

    If you're talking about abs, you need to lose body fat.

    To lose body fat, you need a caloric deficit in your diet.

    i.e Providing your body with less calories than it needs to sustain itself.

    (You may need 2000 calories per day to stay at your body weight, so you would try eat 1800 calories)

    If you're trying to define other muscles on your body, you need to lift lighter weights & with more repetitions. To define muscle, you want to lift at a rep range between 12-20.

    Within that rep range, you won't rip your muscle fibers as much, but you will feel a burn in your muscles, as they contract & get tighter. To lift at a rep range between 12-20, you may need to drop the weight, but this is fine.

    Good luck & I hope I helped! (:

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    Well in general lower body fat will help show more definition.

    If your going to want more toned body you do lower weights higher reps.

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    By reducing bodyfat.

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