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Can someone help me with my Geography assignment? -Human Rights?

So basically I'm doing a movie presentation with pictures and so on.. and we have to choose 5 topics on Human rights

So far I've done Child Labour

Should the burqa be worn?

And I can't think of the rest

So if you could, please help me 1. Out line the nature of the issue

2. Different perspectives (Points of view)

3. the responibilities of the government issue

4. actions of individuals

5. implications of social justice and equity


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    Migration is a human rights issue where geography is strongly involved and lots of pictures are available.

    Which are the main countries from where migrants come? Where are they received? Why should they receive government protection on their way and at their arrival? Which should receive asylum? Are civilians dedicated to persecute migrants also breaking their human rights?

    There's plenty more but not so geographical like prisoners, euthanasia or sexual diversity.

    You could also choose one conflict which is unknown like Somalia and their lack of government or the northern Mali conflict or East Timor in The Pacific.

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