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I currently have a passcode set on my phone (incredible 2) so that noone can get into it. I dont tell it to anyone. My problem is that my brother will do anything to try and get my phone but he doesnt get into it, he repeatedly does the wrong code so it disables the lock. It is so annoying and it makes it so I cant use my phone until the time runs out. I HATE IT. It makes me so mad and no matter what I do he wont stop. My parents yell at him, ground him, do everything but it wont stop. I want to know if there is anything I can set so that I have like a hidden lock that only I know where its at to unlock my phone. Thanks, I will love you forever if you help me.

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  • 7 years ago
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    There is a nice app available in google play store which can help you. Its called Fingerprint locker. well it is not a fingerprint locker but nice app to do prank with your brother he won't be able to unlock your phone until he know the secret of that app.

    here is link of that app.

    I were in the same problem, but now my brother think only my finger can open my phone so he don't touch it any more.

    best of luck..

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  • 4 years ago

    I like the pattern lock try with LEO Privacy Guard great tool for hide videos and protect apps.

  • 6 years ago

    the best way to fix it is by cracking it: like this image

    just follow the simple instructions

    but! first you must have the following:

    - An Android Device

    - USB Cord that connects your device, to the PC

    - USB Debugging MUST be enabled

    Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging

    To enable Developer Options go to, Settings > About, then tap on the Build Number 7 times in a row till you see a little box popup saying you have enabled Developer

    First off, you are going to need to plug in your device to the computer.

    After that, go to the start menu and search for " cmd ", also known as Command Prompt, and run it as an administrator, just to avoid any problems.

    it takes long for me to demonstrate it here. you can search it by this link source:

    use your own risk!..

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    LEO Privacy Guard - AppLock is the best app to hide your personal data like photos and videos. Just check it out.

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