Grammar help? How to use a semicolon properly.?

"My mother; Jane Doe, and my father; John Doe are still happily married" <proper usage?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Nope. You would write it "my mother, Jane doe, and my father, john doe, are happily married. I wouldnt necessarily even write the sentence that way at all but ya. You use semi colons to connect two sentences together that share the same idea. For instance connecting two independent clauses. It can also be used before a transitional word in certain situations. Ex 1: i drive a ford fushion sport; my mother drives a ford van. They could be there own sentences but you are joining them with a semi colon to show that there is a relationship between the two ideas. They share the same idea that u may be trying to get across.

    The more common use of a semi colon is with t-he use of two clauses with a transition. Ex: john is canadian; however, he lives in the united states. This sentence format can be used with words like in addition, otherwise, such as, therefore. All transitional words. Ex 2: hundreds of people cross the border from the us to canada everyday; therefore, it is not possible to search every person carefully.

    Note in the more common use of the semi colon the format will always be semi colon, transtional word, comma. So if you ever use it in a sentence like that dont forget the following comma. For example ;however,

    Source(s): English major
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