israel war prophecies?

My mom keeps talking about the prophecy that's about to be fulfilled about a war on Israel. What is that all about. And how long has this war been going on? And what's your source? I want to end all this yapping going on in my house lol

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    Many denominations are looking to Israel. I don't believe in the interpretation that so many are caught up in. I really appreciate the online prophecy Bible studies offered by Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor. Daniel and Revelation are two books on prophecy that need to be studied together. Daniel is looking forward through time, while Revelation goes back to Daniel's time, and builds the foundation to go forward in time. When read together each book will interpret the other. When Jesus was here on earth, Israel as a nation rejected Him as the Messiah. They cried out for His blood to be upon them and their children. When we accept Christ the Son of God into our lives, we become the children of spiritual Israel. The traditional Israelites can still accept Christ, but it is done as individuals not as a nation. We need to remember that Satan has a counterfeit for everything for everything that Christ represents. Satan will have his own coming first, and he will go around quoting partial scriptures that sound good, but are designed to deceive even the very elect. How could we forget how Satan quoted scripture to Christ out in the wilderness, after Jesus had fasted 40 days and nights? Satan tried to thwart Jesus ministry before it even began. The results of sin would have proved fatal for Jesus and us. The stakes are just as high for us now. If we don't know and study the Bible, we won't be able to say "It is written" as Jesus did. Satan will appear as an angel of light and will appear to work miracles, even to make fire appear to come down from heaven. The second coming of Jesus is best described in 1Thessalonians 4:13-18. Notice we will rise up to meet Him in the air. Jesus told the Story of The Good Shepherd. The story has a dual meaning for our world, and for us as individuals. The Shepherd leaves His sheep back at home, safe in the fold, to go out into the wilderness in search of the lost little lamb. When He finds the lamb He doesn't build a new home and fold out in the wilderness. The Shepherd carries the little lamb back to His home, and places it safely in the fold with the other sheep that never strayed. Rebuilding Israel is not biblical for Jesus second coming. Hebrews 1:1-3 KJV and Hebrews 11:3 KJV tell us that God through His Son created the worlds. God has given us to Jesus as His inheritance. No one appreciates seeing their inheritance going up in smoke. Jesus died for all of us. Romans 5 tells us that Jesus died to reconcile us to God, while were were yet sinners, ungodly, enemies, and without strength. That covers each and everyone of us. The grace is available for all. I hope this gives you a good start.

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    Israel has been in a state of war since it was declared a state by the United Nations in 1948. Your "prophecy" is after the fact.

    Blessings on your Journey!

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