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Anybody see the Alex Reid fight?Any thoughts?

Hello.I've jusy watched the mixed martial arts fight Alex Reid v Sam Boo. Boo is relatively unknown at the moment although not for long i would say.Alex Reid is quite a big reality television celebrity here in he U.K.I'd never seen him fight before.I was very impressed.He's had a long lay off .He took a lot of shots but just nicked it.Did anyone see the fight.Was it a good fight in your opinion ?.. Cheers?

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    It was not a fair result. Boo got deducted a point in the second round for kneeing him in the face as he was getting up, but in the third round Reid had also done the same to Boo without any point deduction. I don't think Reid won the fight on capability, i think he won it on celebrity status. All in all , the judges decision is final . I think there should be a re-match, but that's only my opinion.

    Source(s): Muay Thai instructor for 27 years..
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    I don't know if it was shown in the U.S.A. but I have mixed feelings about MMA. I like to watch it but I'm afraid that it is just a matter of time before a fighter is killed.

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