any good names for a mystery story, yall?

SO writing a story, a mystery, and need names. The story starts with a little insight into the future, all secret reavealing," She gasped as she stared at him, his neck was white with handprints as he lay limply on the floor... dear god... what had she done?!" Okay so the story goes these people all rcive a plain invitation to a mystery mueseum in london. The mueseum was an old ouse ( so cliche i know) Which the owner (name), has tranformed for its 'setting influence' to the books, and creepy paintings. The house is a basic horor movie scooby doo house. SO anyway, SHe or he who owns the house sends 5 invitations, and during the opening a storm hits and the lights go out, one of them goes out to fix it. While the lights are out someone kills the one ot side. help? Need 6 names, pleez?

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    I don't know exactly what you are looking for so here's a list of names.

    Boys: Dimitri, Dean, Lorenzo, Eli, Spencer, Keith, Salvador, Paul, Dexter, Lance, Lucky, Billy, Brett, Xander, Jules, Julius, Maximilian, Cedric, Damien, Elliot, Edward, Blake, Raoul, Justin, Cody, Callum, Carmine, Malcolm, Ivan, Ian, Oscar, Jake, Shawn, Oliver, Justice, Martin, Rafael, Harold, Joshua, Tanner, Bobby, Randy, Axel, Harley, Kevin, Kyle, Ted, Tad, Todd, Larry, Asher, Jayce, Felix, Stewart, Scott, Slater, Brett. Xavier, Derek, Shane, Elijah, Isaac, Luke, Patrick, Sebastian, Noah, David, Jesse.

    Girls: Emily, Emilia, Kathryn, Avery, Jasmine, Danielle, Molly, Holly, Ava, Eve, Eva, Samantha, Tracy, Darcy, Anne, Anna, Amanda, Scarlett, Amy, Rachel, Raquel, Alexandra, Kyra, Paige, Phoebe, Alexis, Julianna, Julia, Julie, Lana, Vallery, Victoria, Vanessa, Janessa, Sabrina, Audrey, Andrea, Kelly, Charisma, Kate, Ashley, Claudia, Chelsea, Natalie, Natalia, Naomi, Cassandra, Shannon, Michelle, Destiny, Vespa, Ophelia, Constance, Gigi, Gia, Ella, Zarra, Carolyn, Marilyn.

    Last Names - Archer, Montgomery, Swanson, Patrick, Drake, Garland, Russell, Caruso, Morasco, Rosco, Rosano, Sparrow, Barrows, Caldwell, Rosdale, Stone, Suede, Roberts, Saint, O'Hara, O'Mara, Reynolds, Scorpio, Ocean, Lake, Rivers, Tyson, McDowell, Johnson, Jackson, Jones, Dalloway, Calloway, Johansen Lavery, Buchanan, Houston, Baltimore, Delaware, Love, Lockwood, Foxx, Deveraux, Duprey, Dawson, Sparks, Donaldson, Garcia, Crane, Storm, Winters, Walker, Rosano, Turner, Taylor, Phoenix, Andrews, St.John, Valley, McCool, Jensen, White, St.Clair, Evans.

    There you go. Just pick the ones that you like the best. You're welcome.

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    attempt this: the each and every person is males walk around picking out people to be despatched to the guilotine.Jeanne had no longer witnessed her peoples heads get chopped off,for as quickly as she heard what grow to be to grow to be of her people, she fled.She took a carriege to Copenhagen,which took six weeks to get there.ultimately Jeanne reached her holiday spot,Copenhagen spot,Jeanne needed a place some distance,yet no longer too some distance, for her baby to stay.basically 2 years of age the girl needed a secure place to ought to use that as a prologue,and bankruptcy you would be able to be from the females point of view.Say she grow to be an orphan,and now she grow to be eighteen years of age,yet she grow to be getting those freaky desires of people being dragged down the streets in chains.someplace interior the back of her ideas she knew that those desires have been set in France,and whilst she have been given a e book on the French Revolution,she known a image interior the e book as a scene from her desires....

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    I hope this helps! :)

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  • 7 years ago

    Alot of authors on yahoo answers forget to use symbolism. most fiction titles are based on symbolim. like catcher in the rye and of mice and men. they use the little stuff from the story and it turns out to mean somethimg.

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  • 7 years ago

    Julia , Zakk , Jay , Annie , Lucy , Sam

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