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Character name ideas? Also, feedback on the characters?

MC- 18, almost 19, year old Freshman at the University of Washington in Seattle. She's an English major, secondary education emphasis. She and her best friend rent an apartment near campus. Works as a barista at a local coffee shop. Sort of quiet, but vivacious when you get to know her. Witty and sarcastic. Headstrong and a little tactless at times. Heavily into literature (Kerouac's On the Road is her favorite) as well as out-there films and indie rock. I might make her smoke weed. (Opinions?) Sort of a petite girl, 5'5 120lbs, long-ish and wavy red-brown hair and green eyes.

Best Friend/Roommate- 19, Pre-med major. Wants to be an OB/GYN (which MC always teases her for) Has a semi-serious boyfriend in Montana. Very girly, sort of the stark opposite of MC. The have essentially nothing in common, but have been best friends since the 6th grade. Works at the local mall. Blonde hair, blue eyes, about 5'7.

The love interest- 20/21 (Haven't decided yet) Works at his father's company, the most influential in Seattle, mysterious in appearance, but rather warm in actuality. Very caring, he yearns for someone to take care of. Poor relationship with his father, mother is off in London though the two are close. Major flaw is his sort of self-hatred.

So, any name ideas? Last names would helpful as well. Also, what do you think of the characters?

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    MC - Katherine, Laura, Kate, Rebecca, Jacqueline, Stephanie, Clair, Teresa, Julianne, Jane, Ginger, Carol, Julia, Lucille, Eleanor, Pamela, Andrea, Miranda, Skye.

    Best Friend - Amy, Courtney, Sarah, Emily, Lily, Brooke, Morgan, Allison, Caroline, Faith, Makenzie, Heather, Kristen, Kassie, Chasity, Ashley, Charlotte.

    Love Interest - Patrick, Jesse, Luke, Shane, Spencer, Nate, Ryder, Joshua, McGregor, Connor, Lewis, Noah, Parker, Brad, Eli, Adam, Nathaniel, Jared.

    Last names - Russell, Montgomery, Dawson, Crawford, Saint, Stone, Bradbury, Walker, Rosdale, Waters, Reynolds, Taylor, Turner, Green, Gellar, Meadows, Dalloway, Young, Jones, Davis, Smith, Tyson, Lockwood, Scorpio, Johansen, Windstorm, Storm, Phoenix, Morasco, Rosco, Hayward, Johnson, Archer, O'Brien, O'Hara, O'Mara, Love, Armstrong, Snow, Suede, Ocean, Foxx, Deveraux.

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    A call ought to no longer count till you're accomplished with the tale, because of the fact the call is ultimate gained from some thing interior the tale that serves to sum up the whole subject. As for names, attempt the yellow pages, or toddler call web content. those could have extra selections than you be attentive to what to do with. Or tack some thing minor on. once you think of of a few thing extra helpful then you could consistently exchange it. and because a tale is meant to have a factor, and basically you be attentive to what the potential to the tip is for the characters, the plots are basically going to artwork with who you have created. we don't be attentive to them, so we gained't inform you what is happening to them and why and how they ultimately decide for it.

  • The answer above mine is going to be better by far but let's see what I can do. Main girl: Ashley, Mary, Dana and Guinevere.

    Best friend: Jane, Jessica, Elizabeth and Emily.

    love interest: Jack, Larry, Adam, Brandon and Alex.

    Last names: Taylor, Bostwick, Twiss, and that's all I can think of sorry.

    Source(s): Friends and Family and the top of my head.
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    I think they seem pretty good they just need fleshing out more to make them more real, thats all.

    I could give you suggestions, but you may not like them, so If I were you I'd look online at some baby name sites.

    Thank you for naswering mine


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