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Mosin Nagant problem?

I have a fairly new Mosin Nagant and recently while cleaning it and disassembling it, I noticed that there was a bulge of sorts toward the end of the barrel. You can barely see it, but when you feel along the barrel you can tell it's there. My question is: is weather or not this is normal, weather this is dangerous and weather or not I can continue shooting this wonderful rifle.

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    It SHOULD be OK, but if you have any doubt, have a gunsmith look at it.

    All Mosins were used in battle. None are new or near-new; they were arsenal refurbished and stored against the time the USSR invaded the US and needed to arm an occupation force.

    Of course, that never happened and now they're selling these rifles at scrap prices, which is why they're so inexpensive. (It's another story altogether what one of these would cost, new, from a modern manufacturer using the methods used back then.)

    Anyway, being as how these were used in war, chances are that it got plugged with mud or gore at one point, the soldier fired, and it bulged the barrel a bit at a weak spot. Run a dry patch through the barrel. Is there a loose spot inside the barrel corresponding to the bulge outside? If so, that's what happened.

    If there's not, it could just be poor machining during wartime. Is it a 1940, 1941, 1942, or 1943? If so, it's wartime production.

    A bulge near the end of the barrel is almost never dangerous. It can cause crappy accuracy, but the real pressures are near the chamber. A bulge near the chamber is never a good thing.

    If you would like, shoot me some pics. I'll include my email.


    Josh Smith

    Smith-Sights LLC

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