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Replacing a cam shaft sensor in a 2000 LHS or Concorde Chrysler 3.5 L engine?

Informational: You need a 13 & 10 mm socket, 13 mm box end, and screw driver. Locate the cam sensor at the top-front of the vehicle, under the intake manifold, and just to the driver side of center. Loosen (7) 13mm bolts on the top center of the intake manifold, (2) 13mm bolts on the side (near the back) of the intake manifold, and (3) 13mm bolts to the brackets. Remove the (1) 10mm bolt securing the cam sensor. Gently ease the intake manifold up, allowing just enough clearance to remove the cam sensor. Use the screw driver to pry the red tab away from the sensor connector and slip the connector off. Reverse the process to reinstall. Cam Sensor $45, failing sensors can cause intermittent starting problems and surging issues.

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    7 years ago
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    And your question might be?

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  • 3 years ago

    The thermostat is placed the place the better radaitor hose connects to the engine. There are 2 hoses that connect with the thermostat housing. The t-stat is placed below the're able to desire to do away with the two bolts that carry the housing on.

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