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Paris local transport question -- ticket options, most economical ticket?

Hello everyone,

I am going to be in Paris for 4 days/3 nights. We are two adults and two children. My hotel website says that the closed Train Station is: Chessy Marne la Vallée, and the closest subway station is Noisy - Mont d'Est. (Hotel reception told me that the are on RER A line)

I will be travelling to Paris center daily from the hotel (to visit the typical tourist places) - and I might go to Versailles on one of the days

I am not too sure how the transport system / ticket system in Paris works. Can you please advise what would be the most economical ticket option ? A set of 10 individual tickets ? Or some sort of daily tickets that would allow me to travel from hotel to the center. Request you to share any official websites that can give me more information (in English !) on the routes, fares etc...

We are ok to walk reasonable distances (and in fact, I am keen to walk wherever possible)

Any advise would be highly appreciated.



Sincere thanks for all the answers so far...I was going through the official Paris tourism site: http://en.parisinfo.com/paris-map/getting-around/p...

It says, "In the RER, as long as you remain within the city limits, tickets and prices are identical to the metro (RER stations also have their own ticket offices and machines). If you are travelling beyond the city limits, you need to ensure that you are in possession of a ticket or a pass which covers your whole journey up to your destination in the Ile-de-France region."

As mentioned earlier, my hotel is near Noisy - Mont d'Est (Holiday Inn). Can I buy the carnet - one ticket of which can cover one full journey from hotel to, say, Eiffel Tower (Including a change from RER A to Metro) ? If not, do I need two separate tickets to cover (1) RER A journey from Nosiy - Mont d'Est to Chatelet Les Halles and (2) From Chatelet Les Halles to Eiffel Tower ?

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    Call your hotel and check where exactly it is situated and how many minutes walk it is from the RER (suburban train) station. Noisy Le Grand Mont d'Est is 20' by train from Chessy Marne La Vallée. With 2 little children, it'd be better to stay at a hotel in Paris, there are budget hotels too.

    If the hotel is in Noisy Le Grand Mont d'Est, buy :

    - Billet Origine - Destination from Paris to Noisy Le Grand Mont d'Est :

    > carnet of 10 tickets, adult : 26€ / children : 12,80€ / under 4 years old : free

    > single ticket, adult : 3,25€ / children : 1,60€

    - Origine destination from Noisy Le Grand Mont d'Est to Versailles Rive Gauche :

    > single ticket, adult : 6,65€ / children : 3,30€

    - Origine destination from Noisy Le Grand Mont d'Est to Marne La Vallée Chessy Disney :

    > single ticket, adult : 4,55€ / children : 2,25€

    - To travel inside Paris :

    > tickets t+, carnet of 10 tickets, adult : 12,70€ / children : 6,35€

    or a one day travel card called "Mobilis" : 6,40€



    If you go to Versailles, buy the entrance tickets online, you'll save 1 hour queue or buy them at the Tourist Office of Versailles, situated in front of the RER C Versailles Rive Gauche train station, near Mc Donald's. There are many train stations in Versailles, the closest to the palace is Rive Gauche.


    The children may get tired of walking and travelling between Noisy Le Grand and Paris and not taking naps, plus queueing, I'd rather buy tickets to the Open Tour, to go straight from one landmark to the other.


    A boat cruise on the Seine river is also very nice.


    Tourist Office of Paris


    Enjoy your time in Paris.

    Edit : @Orla : it's not possible to use the "tickets t+" to take the RER in zone 4 (where Versailles and Noisy are or t take the RER to go from Noisy to Marne la Vallée). It is possible to take the bus in the suburbs with a ticket t+ but not the train. The asker could manage to go from Paris to Versailles using ticket t but he should take the tube up to Pont de Sèvres and then the bus 171, there's no gain made and takes a lot of time.

    The easiest would be to buy a Paris Visite Card, valid 5 days, zones 1 to 5 but it's more expensive.

    Visiting a capital city with little children is not easy. It's not the same taking them for one day from the suburbs of London to London for the day than doing a 4 days visit to Paris, staying at a hotel in zone 4 makes things more complicated.

    @ Hardy : No, you can't. Your hotel is situated outside Paris, in zone 4. The "carnet of 10 tickets" is not valid to take the RER in zone 4.

    You need a "billet origine - destination", as I explained above, plus "carnet of 10 tickets" to travel inside Paris.

    Otherwise, buy a Mobilis card, valid zones 1 to 4 but it's more expensive : 10,55€ per day but it has the advantage of giving unlimited journeys during 1 day, in zones 1 to 4, this means that you can go from your hotel in zone 4 to Paris (zone 1), take as many public transports as you need in Paris and anywhere between zone 1 and 4. The other tickets, what @Orla calls "carnet or 10 tickets" are only valid to do 1 single journey, you can commute, bus + bus or tube + tube during 90 minutes. Then, each "billet origine destination" is only valid to do a single journey : from your hotel to Paris or from Paris to Versailles etc.

    You could probably find a hotel in Issy les Moulineaux, which is really just outside Paris and you could simply take the tube, you'd save money in public transport. Some hotels have cheaper rates during the weekends.

    The official websites for the public transport in Paris & suburbs are ratp.fr and transilien.com

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    You can get a little package of 10 single tickets, they are known as a 'carnet' - pronounced 'car-nay', they are the handiest. You can use them on the Metro or the buses, but I'm not sure how many of them you need to get you to Versailles. If you have a good, up-to-date travel guide book to Paris, that information will be included. I like the DK Eyewitness Travel Guides series.

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    if you are under 25 years old you get a discount.

    and you will need to buy separate tickets for the train to Versailles, and a ticket for the museum itself..about 25 euro.

    go to Versailles it is absolutely wonderful you will love it.

    Also you guy a metro pass that lasts you a certain time...like a two week pass or something. and you dont' have individual tickets its just one ticket for the whole two weeks. i forgot the cost but its not expensive. otherwise you will have to purchase a ticket on every metro ride and thats expensive and a pain in the ***.

    good luck

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