If God is real why would he not remove a child's illness & place it on the parent if that's their wish?

Assuming the illness is grave enough for the parent to fervently and honestly desire that they take it and endure it for the sake of their own child.

Why would a loving, redemptive, just, and interventionist deity not see fit to bring that about?


For the sake of the argument let's assume the presence of a deity.

Update 2:

For the sake of the argument let's assume the presence of a deity.

Update 3:

I don't need to be reminded of the temporary nature of this world or anything or anyone in it, thank you all the same.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Asking a parent to take on board a child's illness is ungodly and under the heading, manipulation and control. You would technically be asking God who is all powerful not to heal a person asking instead for the sickness to be passed on to someone else. Because this is ungodly Satan who has some powers can intervene and transfer wrongdoing on behalf of the asker to the parent. Not a good idea.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    facepalm............. TIR101H

    God doesn't intervene often. Earth is running its course and we all have to die at some point. It doesn't matter how or when, we will all just die at different times and for different reasons. How we lived our life is important, and children are always innocent with no sins. Intervening beyond giving us his message would be unfair. How would we be tested if God was always right there helping us? If life was perfect for everyone, there would be no point in being kicked out of Eden to be tested for righteousness.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Because God doesn't exist.

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