Examples of human paranoia?

I'm writing a paper about the Salem Witch Trials, and in order to start it off, I need some other examples of historic human paranoia. Would the holocaust be one?

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    7 years ago
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    Yes, but other examples would include the communist witch hunts in post WWII America (Their detractors even called them witch hunts at the time, a nice tie-in for your paper), and the Internment of American citizens of Japanese descent after Pearl Harbor. The then attorney general of California made a statement at this time (1942) that was a classic of paranoid thinking: He said that he was worried that there HADN'T been any Japanese sabotage at all because that meant they were planning something really big! This attorney general was Earl Warren, who would later become the chief Justice of the United states and be instrumental in the fight for civil rights

    I'd add some other examples of paranoia, but my enemies are watching me at all times, and I have to be constantly on my guard lest I give them an opportunity to destroy me

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    The holocaust could be seen as the result of anti-semitic paranoia, e.g. myths about Jews wanting to take over such as the forgery the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    Another example could be McCarthyism in 50s America (paranoia about Communist threat to the USA.)

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