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誰可以幫忙翻譯這句話 (中文翻英文)



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    Any defects stuck or dirty must be rejected/discarded by all means.

    1."假如有",其實不需要翻出來,因為any defects (that are) stuck or dirty,就意味了"假如有任何....."。

    2. by all means是加強語氣,表示一律、無論如何都要,若要簡潔的句子,也可省略。

    Any defects stuck or dirty must be rejected/discarded.


    defects =不良品、瑕疵品

    rejected=報廢 discard=扔棄

    by all means = 一律、一定、無論如何都要

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    If there is any dirt or getting stuck, it should be discarded totally.

    Source(s): 文字機械人
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    If there is anything stuck or dirty stuff, all should be discarded as worthless.

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    8 years ago

    大大 您好 這句話的意思是"If there is stuck or dirty defective products, should be discarded" 希望有幫到你

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