What are the good cities in US or in the world to live with good lifestyle, nice people, jobs?

I want to get out of here. I dont like the lifestyle of some places in US. It's all about driving around, there is nothing to do. Nobody really talks to you or wants to be friends. Please find a new place.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Boston MA

    Burlintin VT

    Northampton MA


    Washington DC

    Austin TX

    Madison WI

    Santa Fe NM

    Denver CO

    San Francisco CA

    San Diego CA

    Seattle WA

    Portland OR

    Honolul HI


    Sydney Australai

    Melboure AUstralai

    London UK

    Bern Switzerland

    Zurich Switzerland

    Geneva Switzerland

    Berlin Germany

    Copenhagen Denmark

    Tel Aviv Israel

    Haifa Israel

    Antwerp Belgium

    Oslo Noway

    Stolkholm Sweden

    Helsnki Finland

    Prague Czech Rep

    Aukland New Zealand

    Christchurch NZ

    Wellington NZ

    Ottowa CA

    Vancouver CA

    Montreal Canada

    Quebec City Canada

    Toronto Canada

    Dublin Ireland

    Glasgow UK

    London UK

    Edinborough UK

    Manchester UK

    Hong Kong


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  • Hugo90
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    8 years ago

    There are many great towns and cities to live in. I think the better places are outside the major cities. Small cities with a big state university are usually great places to meet people with loads of activities. Stay away from towns with church based colleges.

    Source(s): Used to live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, one of America's greatest places.
  • 8 years ago

    It is different from region to region. It depends on your skillset, and your personality. You should maybe try somewhere up and coming like Colorado; i say that because they are supposedly going to be havin a financial boom over the next few years. I live in Seattle but you got to have mad skills to get even a job washing dishes here, and that is barely enough to pay to sleep on someones floor.

  • 8 years ago

    I live in michigan there are no jobs here its full of drama..san antonio is better jobs and the people are really nice

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