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Where in Orlando I can learn how to "be" a DJ? or close to orlando, Thank You?

DJ Courses.


Obs: I am not trying to take a DJ course for a job, is just for fun, for when I go to my house party friends I have more fun being a DJ, because is cool.

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    You can always go to something like Dubspot, but 1) that's more for music production and 2) it's super expensive. DJ'ing is really not that hard to do, and many people are self-taught. It only gets difficult when you're trying to make complex mixes/mashups or if you're piecing a song together using a ton of samples (such as how Madeon did "Pop Culture," look it up on Youtube). Really, all you have to do is look up tutorials or just figure it out yourself. All you really need to know how to do is beat-match to be a mainstream DJ nowadays, which, although convenient, is somewhat stupid. Anyways, if you really want to find a local recording studio and they can possibly help you out (however I'm not from the Orlando area, so I can't make any suggestions) . If I were you I would just figure it out myself, like I did 5 or so years ago. Good luck dude.

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    I have a tip for you: Why not get a real job?

    What are you, wannabe ghetto? I didn't spend my friday nights going to wild parties...I had more refined tastes....and I got jobs in my field of study.

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