How to use paypal money on ebay and why is cash reserved?

I'm new to e-bay and did the mistake of clicking " buy " without having the needed amount of money on my paypal linked debit card.. So i guess that is why i got the reserved money on my bank account. Is it? And the item which i bought but didnt yet pay for, isn't selling anymore, but i can still click it and see the button pay now. If i pay for it now? Is it still going to come?

Anyhow, another question is - How do i use the paypal money instead of the money from my linked card or use both at the same time if i dont have enough at the moment...?

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  • 7 years ago
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    with your ebay account you can set it up to use paypal payments, you need go into the account to the section entitled paypal account set up, there you will see the instructions for activating paypal from ebay.

    You will also have to go into your paypal account at the same time to do that. If the funds in your paypal account are low, you can replenish those funds with the debit card, however you need to activate the debit card as well, to do that you need go to your paypal account and enter the debit card details where it says profile, "add credit card/add bank account" , enter your card type( visa/mastercard) enter card number , expiry date, CVC number ( last three numbers on back of the card), billing address, you will then get a message from paypal after they debit your card to verify that all the card details are correct, they usually do that with a $4.00 debit and part of that amount goes back to your card. You will need to check your card statement or check online to verify the paypal debit, they give you a 4 digit code for that, install the 4 digit paypal code on your paypal acount where and verify the details, the card will then be cleared for future use in paypal and your paypal can then be used to send lots of money for ebay purchases !

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  • dockum
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    3 years ago

    sure, eBay can take your funds. examine your member settlement. it relatively is a appropriate occasion against ever applying eBay. next time sell your stuff with the aid of Craigstlist and meet shoppers in a public place, like a coffee homestead. deliver a chum for protection. on no account take something different than funds. greater advantageous yet, donate your used products to charity or provide them away to acquaintances. If there is not any funds on your financial business enterprise account, they could probably screw your credit. Make the shopper return the object and supply a refund. you could document a opposite dispute with eBay in the event that they return the incorrect radio or curiously broken.

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