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Who do you think is the best quarterback out of these three? Robert Griffin III, Michael Vick, or Cam Newton?

What order do you put them in?

1) RG3




There is no wrong answer, thumbs up for everyone. :D

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    Robert Griffin is the best out of the 3. Not only is he having the best passing year, he has more yards and rushing TDs than both Newton and Vick, a much higher passer rating and total QBR and he is more consistently accurate than both of them.

    RG3, Newton, Vick.

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    These are my ratings as of right now, during this 2012-2013 season.

    1) RGIII: He's having an amazing year, and without a question will win the offensive rookie of the year award. He's already broken multiple records, and even had a perfect passer rating a few weeks ago. He is helping turn the Redskins around, and has made them a potential playoff contender this year. I predict even more success in his future years.

    2) Cam Newton: Despite being in a bit of a slump this year, I have to place Newton in 2nd. He is an outstanding quarterback, even despite his young age. He can move the ball in crucial times, and is a real play maker. He is undoubtedly the best offensive talent the Panthers have to offer, and did I mention he can MOVE? When he sneaks it up the gut... TOUCHDOWN.

    3) Michael Vick: Oh Vick... Michael Vick, in my opinion, is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league. Many people would disagree with that, but I firmly stand my ground when I say he is a decent passer, and even better rusher, making him a solid quarterback. When he's in the zone, there's no stopping him!!!.... Except he can't stay healthy. What good is a quarterback when you can't even use him? If Vick could stay healthy, he might be higher up on the list, but since he hasn't been able to contribute almost anything to the Eagles this year, I'm think he's earned the 3rd place spot on this list.

    Those are my rankings, just my opinions, but I hope you enjoy the insight!

    Source(s): I'm an avid football fan.
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    7 years ago

    1. Cam Newton

    2. Robert Griffin, III

    3. Michael Vick

    However in a year or two I think Griffin will have long surpassed most of the quarterbacks in the league. I only say Newton because I think he's just in a slump.

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    1. RG3

    2. Newton

    3. Vick

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    As of right now:

    1 - Vick

    2 - Griffin

    3 - Newton

    I cant put all the blame of Eagles on Vicks shoulders, their O-line is the problem not Vick. Michael Vick has done very well before so we know he has the ability and the talent. Right now Vick has far more knowledge of the game than Griffin does. Griffin is the superior talent but he does not have the knowledge and the experience that Vick has. Newton also does not have that much knowledge or experience, Griffin has more talent than Newton, and both have about the same amount of knowledge. A couple years from now Vick will be 3rd out of these three, but right now he is the best option.

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    To early to tell. Vick is a disaster this year, Newton is having a bit of a sophomore slump and Griffin is having a very good year for a rookie.

    This year Griffin for sure but Cam has talent and lets see how these guys are performing in 2014 or 2015.

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    1) RG3

    2) NEWTON

    3) VICK

    if vick wants to run the ball he needs to know how to hold on to it

    and newton just isn't getting it done

    RG3 is a beast.

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    1) RG3

    2) Newton

    And then, in a dark, cold, lonely abyss of unbelievably overwhelming failure, lies Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, JaMarcus Russel, and Mike Vick. And we'll throw Jim Kelly in that hole too. Poor guy lost 4 SB's in a row.

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    RGIII. Vicks having a terrible year, but I expect him to bounce back next season. Newton had one of the best rookie seasons ever. You just can't deny RGIII.

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    3 // Newton, who is surging // Vick

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