Could I live on my own working at ford motor company (primary job) and costco part-time?

hey guys I'm 20 yrs old just curious what you guys all think if its possible or not.. to live in an apartment or something, get a gf maybe lol save up for a house etc?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yeah, depending on the position. Ford is a big company, so you ought to be able to get some pretty good benefits (which are very important), and a decent wage/salary. If you end up still working for minimum wage, then no, you're never going to make it. But if you can get something besides a really menial sort of task, and get into the $15 dollar an hour or more range, you should be set, even without working at Costco.

    Something a lot of people don't think about, too: big companies like Ford or Boeing or whatever, are often one of the main employers for a town, and this is often appreciated by the townspeople. Ask around in that town, if they have a discount for Ford employees. You may find that your lunches are 10% off, or that you can get prescriptions eyeglasses for cheaper.

    Source(s): I work for a big company in a small town.
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