Blood test question? Please?

Your Open Question: If a doctor suspected leukemia what type of blood test would he do?

My first test showed abnormal white blood cells so am back next week for more blood tests ive been having viral infections all year that would make me very weak and now I have constant fatigue and dizziness just wondering what may it be?

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  • 7 years ago
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    There are many tests that will be done. Did the doctor suggest leukemia? I'm sure you're aware that it can be other conditions too.

    You said they've already done a blood smear - that will be repeated, in addition to LDH.

    The type of leukemia (if that's what it is) also needs to be elucidated and that will take some molecular analyses on blood cells or bone marrow aspirates.

    At some point you will need a bone marrow biopsy, liver function tests, etc.

    It's a frustrating process, so try and keep positive and best of luck.

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