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Turnout blanket vs. stable blanket?

I just realized that all of the horses in our barn wear turnout blankets, but we never turn them out with blankets on. I didn't think it made a difference, but do you have an opinion? Or do you know if there is a benefit to having stable blankets on horses that don't get turned out instead of turnout blankets?

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    Stable blankets can have different weights. Light, Medium, and Heavy. They are usually not very waterproof, and are meant to keep warmth in the stall. They usually are some type of cotton/ polyester with nylon interior to prevent rubbing and chaffing.

    Turnout blankets have a waterproof outer shell. Sometimes people will put a turnout sheet/ light blanket over the horses stable blanket to prevent the stable blanket from getting damaged. Other people will buy a heavy turnout blanket that also doubles as a stable blanket. So it's waterproof, yet also keeps the horse warm and snug. It's very useful so the stable-hand don't have to mess around with your blankets and can just turn your horse out as-is. They can be pricey, upward of $100 easy. Though it is a VERY good investment.

    My personal horse has a 100% cotton sheet that hugs his body. It's kind of the 'underarmour' part of his blanket. Then he has a traditional Baker blanket, which is a heavier weight without the bulk. Then on top of it all, he has a waterproof turnout blanket. So he is warm and cozy, but with the waterproof of the turnout blanket. I over-blanket my horse since he is clipped since we show year round :)

    I live in Northern Ohio where we get about 2ft of snow during winter, and we usually hover around 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjust to your own location!

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    Stable Blanket

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    Stable blankets are for keeping the horse warm (and cleaner) in their stable, protecting them from cold and draughts.

    Turn out blankets are as they say on the label! For turning out and keeping the horse warm and dry.

    It is usually a good idea for horses to have at least two of each, simply to allow the blankets to breathe while not being worn, and also changes the pressure points as different blankets sit on the horse differently. Otherwise it is like wearing the same socks all winter! They will start to rub, get mucky and smelly and cause sores.

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    It really depends on how cold it gets where you live. When it's cold if they keep your horse inside there is no point in paying for a turnout blanket. Also if your horse is clipped or not makes a big difference too.

    I live in SouthCarolina. In jan/feb is the coldest here usually. The horses who are clipped stay inside with stable blanket. Other horses inside don't get blanket. When it's freezing horses who stay outside get turnout blanket.

    It truely all depends on your area, your horses winter coat, and also your barn rules

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    use turnout blankets for out side because there supposed to keep them dry from rain and also dirt in the summer and keep them warm in the winter also stable blankets keep them warm and not all dirty:)

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