Tell me about Brunei?

What can you tell me about Brunei that I can't read in a travel guidebook (which is not much)?

- the people, culture, standard of living, etc.

Would you want to live there? Why or why not?

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    Most are Muslims, if not all.

    My super great grandfather is an Arab from Yemen, and his two siblings are from Saudi Arabia and Brunei (all from different mothers). Last month, our relatives from Brunei came to Philippines to visit us (one of them is the Minister of Defense). It was my first meeting with them and I think they're really nice. They embraced me (and everyone in the family) as if we're old friends..

    So they got sense of humor. We're talking all the time and the laugh. The oldest one (the minister) was kinda strict but is very fatherly. His son who is middle-aged is friendly, it was like I'm talking to an older brother.. His younger sons (one or two older than me) are kinda shy.. We did not talk a lot.. They have girls with them, but we did not talk a lot. They were silent and just smiled all the time. They really are like ordinary persons. I was surprised to know that one of those girls are the daughter of the PM and that my grandfather was a minister.

    I don't know if that's the right way to guide you, but I don't have any other thing to say.

    In January, we're considering a visit there.

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