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? asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 8 years ago

what to wirte a story about for kids?

I want to write a short story about Christmas but I have no idea what to make it about

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  • 8 years ago
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    Depends if you want to write the classic nativity or something more about the celebration of christmas by us here in modern times (like the nuttcracker).

    For the nativity -

    Write it from the point of view of one of the other characters in the story - like the donkey. I once saw a christmas story from the point of view of a little angel who was watching over the scene.

    You could write it from the point of view of the star over bethkehem, as if it were a kid excited at it's big important job, watching mary and joeph from bethlehem, guiding the three kings and watching th angels appear to the shepherds etc.

    For a christmas celebration story

    you could do a similar thing - for example what does the christmas tree think of all this? Is he or she excited about being all dressed up, about guarding the presents? Is there anything naughty around that wants to steal the presents? Does the tree have to come alive at night to guard them? The visit from santa! And finally seeing it's family open the presents on christmas morning.

    You could write a short story about someone from another culture celebrating christmas - I have a friend from the netherlands who has told some interesting stuff about their christmas traditions - leaving shoes infront of the fire on the fifth and little impish creatures that dance around the house and leave presents.

    You could do a kind of retelling of a christmas carole in a modern settting.

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    8 years ago

    If you don't have a story to tell, don't waste your time and ours. No self respecting writer would ever ask another writer for their ideas. That is despicable.

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