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  • 7 years ago
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    My name is xxx, born in Taiwan, 19-year-old. I hope to take advantage of their own young efforts of hard work for a better future, to prepare for. Home parents in the food and beverage industry, monasteries under environment, let me from high school to college are majoring in Hospitality Department, a student in the process, and are interested in knowledge of hotel services, schooling I do not hold perfunctory attitude, and vice versa is wholeheartedly invested schoolwork, basic license also actively obtain, like Chinese cooking, drinks and bartending, hospitality service, bakery. In my free time, I like listening to music and reading, especially books about psychology, whenever reading, my heart is filled with great joy and fun, on the one hand, let me relax, on the other hand a better understanding of the people the latent meaning of want and feel. The childhood has my personality is friendly and others with sincerity and pragmatic stand on the other side angle sake endure toil and less words do not complain. In school, I realized that a many excellent people, but also through the co-operation of the overall organization partners, in order to complete all the tasks, I hope I can apply what they have learned to help the company become one of the Company.

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