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翻譯一段 中文 為英文

我真的好開心收到你的信,這是我目前為止收到最棒而且誠心滿滿的信,坦白說,我好努力看這些文字但是看不太懂,不過我能感受到密密麻麻的文字裡有著無限的祝福和溫暖,我真的好開心,喔對了 謝謝你給我的食譜,我一定會試試看的。

我很感謝你寄給我這麼棒的信,若你願意給我地址我會回寄一張明信片給你, 只是想謝謝你

英文好手 請幫我翻譯 不要翻譯機

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    I'm really glad to receive your letter.


    Up to the present, this is the greatest letter full of sincerity I have received.


    Frankly speaking, I try my best to read the words, but can't fully understand them.


    I can feel the blessing and warmth in the numerous words.

    喔對了 謝謝你給我的食譜,我一定會試試看的。

    oh, by the way, thank you for the recipe you gave me. I'll surely try to cook.


    Thanks for your excellent letter.


    I'll send a postcard to you if you are willing to give me your address.


    What I want to do is just thank you.

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    I am really happy to recieve this letter from you.This is by far the most sincere

    and best letter I've ever recieved. I tried to understand the words as best as I

    could but I still don't really get it. Though I can feel the warmth and the blessing

    from it. I'm really happy, and by the way, thanks for the recipes you gave me, I

    will try to cook it. I'm really thankful for the letter you gave me. If you want, you

    can give me your address so I can write one back to you to thank you.

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    I really of good happy received you of letter, this is I currently weizhi received best and sincere full of letter, Frank said, I good efforts see these text but see does not too knows, however I can feel to packed of text in has unlimited of blessing and warm, I really of good happy, Oh on has thank you you to I of recipes, I must will try of.I thank you for giving me such a great letter, if you're willing to give me an address and I will send you a postcard, just wanted to thank you

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