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Would a xbox 360 be able to support a 3 tb?

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    A 360 can only handle up to a 2 TB drive properly; 3 TB drives use a special partition format (GPT) that the 360 doesn't understand. You can force the 3TB drive to use a more compatible format, but then it only shows up as a 2.4 TB drive and the rest of the space is lost.

    And even at that, it will only recognize the whole drive for media (music, pictures, movies). Only 32 GB of that drive could be use for Xbox 360 storage (saves and DLC).

  • 7 years ago

    No, it only reads FAT32 and that has a limit of 2TB. If you format you'll have 1TB doing nothing. But on top of that the Xbox only allows up to 16GB of additional storage per external hard drive (to keep people buying Xbox HDDs basically).

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