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What Jefferson Airplane albums are there?

i like the band i have

Surrealistic Pillow

After Bathing At Baxters

Crown Of Creation

what others are there prefferably in order, (im not keen on the 1st album cos grace isnt on it shes my fave)

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    If you want to have a fairly complete Grace Slick collection, you'll need these:

    The Great Society:

    1971 - Grace Slick & the Great Society: Collector's Item (recorded 1966; her first group. "Sally Go 'Round the Roses" is mesmerizing)

    Jefferson Airplane:

    1966 - Jefferson Airplane Takes Off (It is a great album; Signe Anderson is almost on par with Grace)

    1967 - Surrealistic Pillow (best seller)

    1967 - After Bathing at Baxters (my favorite, but too darkly psychedelic for a lot of people)

    1968 - Crown of Creation (my second fave)

    1969 - Bless Its Pointed Little Head (great live album; shows what a good *band* they were)

    1969 - Volunteers (their 'political' album and second best selling album)

    1971 - Bark (post-Marty Balin, with Papa John Creach, major change in sound; good and bad)

    1972 - Long John Silver (pretty dreary, although Kaukonen/Casady are on fire)

    1973 - 30 Seconds Over Winterland (very tired sounding live album)

    1974 - Early Flight (collection of B-sides, outtakes, etc.)

    1989 - Jefferson Airplane (dreadful reunion album, but a couple of decent songs)

    1992 - Jefferson Airplane Loves You (excellent compilation with a lot of unreleased live stuff)

    Jefferson Starship (generally not recommended, except the first three):

    1970 - Blows Against The Empire

    1974 - Dragonfly (Balin returns)

    1975 - Red Octopus (first #1 album)

    1976 - Spitfire

    1978 - Earth

    1979 - Freedom at Point Zero (actually, Grace is absent here, as is Marty Balin, who doesn't return)

    1981 - Modern Times

    1982 - Winds of Change

    1984 - Nuclear Furniture

    Starship (definitely not recommended by me)

    1985 Knee Deep In the Hoopla

    1987 No Protection

    1989 Love Among the Cannibals (no Grace again)

    Grace Slick/Paul Kantner

    1971 Sunfighter (not great, but has its moments)

    Grace Slick/Paul Kantner/David Freiberg

    1973 Baron Von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun (ditto)

    Jefferson Startship: The Next Generation

    1993 Deep Space/Virgin Sky (includes Grace's last live show)

    1998 Windows of Heaven (only on one song, recorded in '95)

    2008 Jefferson's Tree of Liberty (only on one song, recorded in '71)

    Grace Slick:

    1974 - Manhole (ponderous)

    1980 - Dreams (title song is the best solo moment from her)

    1981 - Welcome to the Wrecking Ball (fairly cheezy hard rock album)

    1984 - Software (pretty awful synthpop)

    Paul Kantner/Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra

    1983 - Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra (bad sequel to the excellent "Blows Against the Empire")

    Grace Slick retired from recording and performing in 1995, and has stuck to it.

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