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Jay asked in Politics & GovernmentGovernment · 7 years ago

who led the independence movement in mexico?

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  • 7 years ago
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    jose sanchez

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  • 4 years ago

    precise thats a extensive view, however the top significant adventure that formed mexico is the Mexican revolution. Porfiro Diaz grew to become a dictor for like 30 years? i thinks and then Madero( a prosperous dude) ran for president, yet Diaz locked him up. Panco villa indoors the north scuffling with for democracy with Madero and Emiliano Zapata indoors the south fought for the land with madero additionally.( Diaz stole people lands). So then he gets overthrown and then Madero will become president. honestly certainly one of Diaz's fromer genrals Huerta overthrew and killed him, then as directly as decrease back Villa and Zapata fought against him with a sparkling chief Carranza, Alvaro Obregon achieved a significant section in it additionally. They overthrew him and placed Carranza in value. Then Carranza grew to grow to be on villa and Zapata, Obregon as his ultimate chum defeated the finished Villa in stratigic conflict strategies. Then later on Obregon bacame president, and calmed down after that, this finished element grew to become from 1910 to 1920 approximatly. precise that grew to become a speedy description of it, extremely became hoping it helped, look it up lots of wisdom.

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