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If air signs are known for being flaky, what makes someone who has no air placements flaky?

I've always been a lil flaky... I know -_- But I don't have any air sign placements in any major planets. I only have my mars in the 4th house which is in Libra. I also hate to make plans for this reason, I end up not wanting to do what I planned. Are fire signs also known for this?

Just curious.

here's my chart:


I know my Mars is in Scorpio, but its in the 4th house which is in Libra.

Update 2:

@skastro87... Man you are a really good astrologer, thanks for the answer :)

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@Snoopie... No I can't speak Italian :(

@Bree... *high fives* :P hah. thanks lady, thats what I was thinking, the mutable signs... but then I was like uhhh Virgo isn't, so that's where this question came from :)

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(((((Kel)))))! Thanks lady. Happy Birthday wishes to you too :) Man I wish I know who was giving the TD's... so I could know to block them -_-

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Thank you Jana. Amazing answer, as always :)

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lol moose. :P

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@piero ... What is too much drama?

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  • Jana
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    7 years ago
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    I see some very intense/harsh aspects:

    You have a Mars/Pluto:(6 degrees) yours is in Scorpio.. very determined!

    Saturn conjunct Uranus: strong sense of responsibility and determined to reach your goal.

    Some that might give the sense of instability...but it's not completely accurate-

    Moon/Mars opposition (8 degree) gives impulsiveness, (flaky) and irritability with the opposite sex.

    Venus/Uranus conjunction can come across as peculiar or even perverse.(changing plans)

    Jupiter/Moon conjunction gives a feeling of optimism.

    Jupiter trine Uranus-exaltation, a daring spirit and thirst for ideals. (might seem flaky) .

    Flaky as compared to what...a stick in the mud? Those sticks are predictable, they just shift around a bit but never really change..not so interesting. appealing or even productive. Lol

    Uranus trine Moon gives you an idealistic nature, and surrealistic approach/search throughout life:

    Sun in the 5th means you need recreation, entertainment.

    Moon in the 10th indicates an unstable social destiny, and popularity will fluctuate.

    Neptune in the 6th-You will be successful because of your intuition. ie., If you've planned something, then get a strong feeling to do something else, or not keep "old" plans, you are not one to ignore those strong "gut" feelings. (Neptune in Capricorn also tends to be unrealistic) so what you want to do seems unrealistic (flaky) but goes along with your "surrealistic" search, and will work out well for you.

    Never forget that Pisces North Node: Watch being too critical of others and yourself-work on that incessant "thinking." Develop a sense of faith, spirituality, and do follow/develop your intuition..don't talk yourself out of your success by being TOO's not really your (true) nature, or to your benefit to be too pragmatic. You've already done that! (South Node in the 3rd)

  • 7 years ago

    Actually, your mars is in scorpio, not libra.

    One thing is that your chart has Barely any harsh aspects. the only one is mars opposing moon, and that is both very wide and out of sign, so it's affects are very minimal.

    Someone with all harmonious aspects and no harsh ones have things that come easily. They have trouble with commitments and drive. You might just simply not put much effort into being responsible with people because you are used to people coming to you, or you are not familiar with putting effort into being consistent. Does this sound right?

    Also, your moon is in aries, and conjunct jupiter, which definitely makes for a charismatic type of person, but you are usually running off of quick impulse, which can be seen by others as being flighty, or running from one thing to the next without sticking to something. Having sun in sag also emphasizes these qualities. You are more of a free-spirited wanderer. You have a lot of inviting characteristics and can be charming, which for the most part can help to off-set flaky behaviors, or at least help people to forgive them.

  • 7 years ago

    I don't believe all Air signs are flaky, I belive that Aquarius are the less flaky ones, and Libra just doesn't any bad fumes in the air so they try to cover it up a bit, and Gemini can be both but have a reason for it.. But they can be nice.

    If they're being a type of way they said they'd nev be.

  • 7 years ago

    If u have a fire air combination(as dominate) yes you would plan things before you do them.when ur scorpio mars sits in libra in the fourth house , it believe that might cause a half and half trait since it pass through the cusp .

    Fire signs do hates plans it might explain ur ares moon .

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  • Bree
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    7 years ago

    The characteristics of absent-mindedness, flighty, fickleness. forgetfulness and irresponsibility, in general are all the qualities of mutable signs. (Except Virgo which has the least of these qualities as it's an earthbound sign) Your Sagittarius sun included. Gemini is obviously the worst offender for flakiness as it is flowing air, Pisces is flowing water and Saggy is a swirling fire storm. So they all share the same characteristic of changeability and flakiness. So welcome to the flaky mutable club*high fives XD

    I think there is more to it then this but this is my two cents.

  • 7 years ago

    I do not think your flaky

    just well in a nice way you are

    I am Aquarius and people say the same about me

    OH WELL I say


    good luck

  • 7 years ago

    The only flakes i know are my box of corn flakes, my wife's box of bran flakes, my dandruff flakes and Hollywood flakes like Lindsey Lohan

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Are you calling me flaky???? And I didnt even call you anything this time!

    I dunno, plans are all up in the air, they are made out of thin air.

  • 7 years ago


    It's a Sag thing.

    Happy Birthday! I wanted to make sure I said that before you left!

    (Oh dear - that was chat - watch this answer disappear! LOL)

  • 7 years ago

    too much drama

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