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David asked in Cars & TransportationSafety · 7 years ago

Installing a new seat in my SUV?

I need to know how normal seats are installed. Are the two front seats installed directly into the frame? If not, are they just bolted into the sheetmetal? Basically, I'm asking if I can just bolt the new third row seat into the floor, or if there are special things I need to install to make it safe. Thanks!

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  • Wes
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    Thanks for telling us exactly which SUV you own.....if your vehicle has the option for a third row seat, then it will bolt may have to pull the carpet back to locate mounting will also have to cut the carpet at each bolt location.....go to the dealer to order the correct bolts...

    Why are you talking about the front seats??.....are you really confusing us and are replacing the front buckets with a bench seat????

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