Talk Talk Router PROBLEMS?

hello, we're on talk talk and we have been having issues with the router.

if someone is connected to the internet wireless and someone else in the house connects after the person who is connected first has no problem with the internet connection but everyone else its really slow and sometimes can go down to 0.89mb/s




let me explain slightly better lol. say i connect first and then my mum uses her computer she will get really slow and ill be completly fine i can get 4mb/s and she will only get like 0.89. just want to know weather its the router from talk talk....

3 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    You have limited bandwidth available. Generally, the more simultaneous users there are sharing a connection, the slower the connection will become for each user.

    A good way to conserve bandwidth is to disable unnecessary network-enabled programs on the computers that are using your network. Close sites that automatically update themselves when you leave the computer idle (i.e. Facebook).

    Do not open multiple browser windows at the same time; instead, try to open and close them one at a time. This will be especially effective with bandwidth-intensive sites such as Youtube.

    If you are using Torrents, you can conserve a great deal of bandwidth by decreasing your maximum bandwidth allotment for uploads and downloads. You can further conserve bandwidth by pausing or removing torrents that have completed downloading and are seeding; as well as reducing the amount of simultaneous downloads, by pausing some of them until others have completed.

    Another way to conserve bandwidth is to install ad-blocking software to prevent your browser from downloading the images from advertisements. You could also disable automatic image downloading in your browser settings, if you are doing tasks on the internet which do not require you to view images (such as using email).

  • 8 years ago

    The more people using the one router the slower it will be

  • 8 years ago

    they slow the speed down if you use to much allowance

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