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I have no concept of time?

This happens every time I shower and get ready (do my hair, brush my teeth, etc.) and nomatter what I do it takes me forever to do these things. Especially to take a shower. It feels like I'm in there for five minutes but I look at the clock and it took me FOURTY MINUTES!!!! I have even tried waking up an hour earlier than normal and I still end up twenty minutes late to school. What is wrong with me? Should I go to a psychologist? Is it because I don't get enough sleep? It is getting so frustrating .

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    Personally I would try some different exercises to help you with managing your time.

    Maybe make a music playlist for when you get ready in the morning. Have the songs run for the time you have to get ready. Choose songs that are a bit faster for the near end of your set time to let you know when you need to hurry up :) Or simply allow one song for an activity, say a shower or up to a chorus to brush your teeth.

    I wouldn't be too concerned, but if you're worried - see a doctor.

    Hope this helps :)

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