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roach question jmm's new muscular look?

compaired to you think roach have the right reasons?

well for one, he didnt directly accused marquez of using PED unlike mayweather...

now he demands random blood testing for the fight like that of mayweather...etc etc

so guys, what's the difference


i mean what's the difference besides that roach demands a stricter test protocol 2 weeks before

the fight while floyd demanded his OSDT over a phone patch during the 1st fight negotiation w/ pac?

i just realized if he did the roach, demands OSDT 2 weeks before the fight, do you think the megafight is now history?

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    Look how many fighters were on steroids now that it is becoming their part of training regiment. The biggest barker himself got caught three times but thanks to a promoter, he didn't got expose. I would say that Pacquiao is one type of a person who wouldn't be drag to any kind of psychological warfare that Freddie Roach do it for him. It is a part of hyping the fight, so to say although everything is possible.

  • Leo
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    8 years ago

    Pac promises a KO....I would not be surprised for one split second if Marquez got on steroids.

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