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Pearlscale Goldfish fins are getting streaks...Not sure what to do?

Here's a video of him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfGLgDSS3f4

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Sorry for the poor quality it was just off my phone.

Well I've had this fish for a few months now but he has slowly developed these black streaks in his fins. I researd Black dot disease, and ammonia burns and nothing looks like it. I am confused because the steaks come one by one and aren't limited to just the borders of his fins, but also the middle so they look like stripes. Just a pearlscale goldfish, I also have a red cap oranda that is perfectly fin, beautiful fins. They do not have fin rot. I feed them pellets which I soak in water before, and occasionally bloodworms instead. If anyone could give me any insight that would be great

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    A lot of fish get stripes like that when they're really stressed out or angry. I am not sure if goldfish get it, but I do know MANY types do.

    How big is your tank(If I recall correctly, the kind of goldfish you have would require a bare minimum of a 55 gallon tank by itself, preferably 75 gallons and lack of room can cause issues), and does your other goldfish ever poke at him? It could be any number of things causing stress though. It could also be a breeding thing, have you looked into that for your type of fish? I only know how to tell with common goldfish. ^^;

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    this is extremely no longer likely for a fish to get caught in a pump. what form of Goldfish is it? How massive is the tank? Tank parameters? interior the suitable setup, treating with medicine could help the fish get better. i could use salt with the medicine. purely for the checklist, 5 years is an extremely couple of minutes for a Goldfish to stay. 20+ years is common.

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    you should clean ur tank and add1 teaspoon of salt without iodine with the medicines related to fin rot which u will b getting at any pet store

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