Does the father of a child have the right to have custody of a child if the mother wants child to be adopted?

My brother's ex girlfriend is pregnant, most likely with his child, and she wants to give the child up for adoption upon birth. Is there a law against her giving the child up for adoption when he is the paternal father? Or, is there a way for him to get custody of the child and not have the child get sent to an adoption agency?

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    it depends entirely on Policy of Child Protective Services or whatever the flavour happens to be in your jurisdiction

    they might take your brothers interests seriously they might not if she considers him less than a capable father most likely not

    if she has not stated he is the father chances become a lot slimmer for him to prevail

    ultimately it is none of your business

    the only child of my brother ended up adopted and sent to Australia at the time he could not possibly have supported the child and or mother so it was probably the right way to go

    without a secure full time position making very good wages your brother's chances are slim to none in most jurisdictions

    attitudes do change though and of course in some jurisdictions change comes faster than others so it all depends on where you are

  • 8 years ago

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