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i'm so stressed out?

i'm studying at college and my grades are so poor my teachers are threatening to kick me off my course but i need these qualifications to go to uni and get a job. the reason i'm so down is my family but i don't want to tell my teachers this there is no way so please don't say tell them. i can never sleep on a night because of feeling panicy and anxious i just worry all night. my family are so detached they're so weird, my dad sits in his room 24/7 and just talks about weird things that aren't normal, he's came downstairs and said he can't wait to die before and i was just sat there thinking what??? i have a boyfriend and i am always round there straight after college and sleep whenever i can, i hate being at home the house is a mess, my mam and brother argue and shout constantly, so i just sit in my room untill i can see my boyfriend or see friends then i'm out all night. i can't stand living in this hosue anymore i'd move out if i could but i can't afford it. i know there isn't much people can say but i just wanted to express how i was feeling, i daren't tell people i know incase they judge me. yesterday when i was sat in class i had a panic attack thinking about going home and seeing my dad, so now i've missed class today incase i have another one :( i'm sick of feeling like this

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    Thats not myne or other peoples problems! Go to a therapist? IDK but find some help other then people like strangers that can say stuff..........

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