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Housebreaking and training a puppy?

I got a golden retriever lab mix about two months ago. She's a sweetie, but is so wild (like every normal puppy). However, house breaking is EXTREMELY difficult. I've read books, watch shows, etc. But still have had no success. My mom is going to make me either get rid of her or permanently keep her outside and I don't want that.. Anyone have any tips? She also bites and I'm trying to get rid of that as well. I just need a quick way to train her to impress my mom and make her realize i'm serious about this.

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    This is the time when you really get to know your new family member! You must pay close attention to their eating habits because their elimination habits are a direct result of eating. It seems to simple, but it really takes patience.

    For every week of your puppy's age, they can "hold it" for an hour. Your puppy is 2 months, so it should be able to hold it 8 hours. Take into consideration that when the dog goes outside, YOU MUST GO WITH IT. You must watch to see what the signs are that your dog is going to eliminate.

    I've given my dogs treats even WHILE they are eliminating. Also, I use the word YES! when they do something good. So as my dog is squatting to go potty, I say "YES!! GOOD GIRL/BOY!!" I'll even do a little dance. You will look like a dork, but your dog will see that what it did pleased you. That's a good thing.

    The previous answer was spot on as well. You must take your dog outside soon after they eat or drink. I prefer crate training when trying to potty train a dog. Dogs will not eliminate in their crate, unless they are left there for too long.

    We just added a new dog to our family and she is not yet housebroken. I spend a good hour in the cold at night to make sure she knows that she MUST go potty outside. It takes a lot of time and patience. I can not stress this enough.

    Your dog will have accidents in the house, potty training is a process. It won't happen overnight. In the event your dog does have an accident, just clean it up. Punishing the dog after the accident won't solve any problems.

    I also recommend getting a Bissle Spot Bot to clean up any accidents on the carpet. It's about $100, but it's SOOOO worth it.

    I promise having a dog is worth all the work in the beginning. Please don't give up on your little furry friend yet.

    Source(s): I own 2 dogs, one of which went to puppy preschool through agility training. I'm currently in the process of potty training our newest furry family member.
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    A puppy must be taken into your garden/yard every hour, after it eats or drinks and when it wakes up after a nap. You should also take it out just before you go to bed, every time you see it eliminate you must praise your puppy. I use a catch phrase when my puppy has a pee, I say “get one” while it is urinating and “big job” when it passes faeces. If you do this your dog will pee on command when it is older. (Unless it’s bladder is empty)

    You should set your alarm and try to take your puppy out about twice during the night. If like me you are a heavy sleeper and you don’t trust yourself to wake up, take the lazy way out. My puppy’s sleep in the laundry room until they are toilet trained, during the day I dip newspapers into the urine which it has passed in the garden and put these on top of a thick pad of newspaper at night, they are drawn to this because of the smell and they will pee on this during the night. Nevertheless I go to bed very late and get up very early when I have a puppy.

    Eventually your puppy will go to the door when it knows that it wants to eliminate. In spite of the fact that I leave newspapers down at night my puppy’s are clean from an early age. However they are like babies, they have no control until they are older. Regardless of how diligent you are, your puppy could still have an accident in the house during the day, it you see it stooping or peeing, pick it up and let it finish in the garden/yard.

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