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How many points do you think each of these players will retire with? Do you agree with my estimates?

Derrick Rose 24,000 plus points

Dwight Howard 25,000 plus points

Dwyane Wade 20,000 plus points

Blake griffin 16,000 plus points

Rajon Rondo 14,000 plus points

Chris bosh 18,000 plus points

Kevin Durant 30,000 plus points

Lebron James 30,000 plus points


I would have put Rose alot hire but with his injury I just don't see him challenging Lebron or Durant. But they're just best guesses and I'm probably wrong. Feel free to disagree. I

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    I think Rose might be a little too high. He's gotta average 22 ppg until he's 33 years old to get there. That's a lot and that's a pretty old age for a point guard. Usually they fade quicker since they lose athleticism and they don't have great size to begin with.

    Howard I think is a little high too. He has to avg 23 ppg over the next 7 years to get there and he's already 27. Not enough finesse moves, he's all power and will lose his athleticism by then. Plus he can't miss a lot of games.

    Wade will have a tough time getting to 20k. Injury prone and needs to avg 20 a game over the next 3 seasons (including this year) without missing a lot of games. He's already showing that he's on the decline. Never been a great outside shooter and not very tall for his position at 6'4".

    Blake will get to 16000.

    Rondo will definitely not get to 14000. To do that he needs to average 14 ppg until he's 34 including this season. He's never even done that before and that's pretty old. Plus not a great outside shooter as he loses athleticism.

    Bosh will easily get to 18,000 he's only 5,000 away.

    Durant will get to 30,000 for sure. That's under 24 ppg until he's 34 years old. With his height and shooting touch he won't be held back by athleticism as much as he gets older. He'll be able to do what Kobe's doing now and play for a long time.

    Lebron will be close. This one's tough because his athleticism has a lot to do with his scoring ability. If he can transition into a real low post threat and improve his jumper then he may be able to do it. He has to avg 26 ppg until he's 33 years old or 22 ppg until he's 34 without missing a lot of games. It's definitely possible, just hard to predict. Or he could just play til he's 36 or something and score in the teens.

    Good question!! Very original and I liked giving my two cents!

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    D-Rose is a hard one, he could change his game and have a modest career, or he could have his career ****** up by injuries, either way I'd give him 15000 at least.

    Howard seems right, maybe a bit less.

    Wade looks right.

    Griffen could easily get more than that, it's just hard to tell so early.

    Rondo seems right, he could have a 1000 game career with 14 a game.

    Bosh needs more, he's a brilliant player. But his stats are effected by being in the same team as lebron and wade scoring so much, still he dominates the post against bigger players.

    Now Durant is a tough one, it depends how his career pans out. If you only want him to score like he has the past few years, he'll drop that much maybe more. But if he adapts to his current job as a kind of bigger man part ball handling at times more all around, he'll score less but do more with other stats. But scoring alone, he is an absolute weapon and could score 50 a match if you replaced Russ with Rondo (nothing against russ, he's just an immature player as of yet)

    LeBron seems right, he's such a great player all around, he could have a long career full of all stats.

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