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didnot have sex still experiencing pregnancy symptoms??!!?

i didnt have sex..just dry

humping....with me wearing

bf inserted his hands in pants..maybe

touched his penis and then started

touching me but he says he didnot

ejaculate..can i get pregnant? i

know i am completely acting paranoid

i even got 5 negative tests including 2

blood tests...i even got my period

twice in the three months lag...but i

started bloating and my legs are

swollen a bit i guess..on the very first

week i was feeling nauseated

and was vomitting..also i have

started getting sore breasts now

before i get my periods.It didnot

happen before.I cannot go to a

OBGYN coz i have heard that its illegal

to go without parents.

I dont feel nauseated now bt my

appetite has increased nd have

gaibed weight..also i think i get strong

smelling sensations...

its my 13th week if i am prg which

probably i aint

i am sure enough dat i m nt prg. but

my belly has started looking like a 3

months pregnant one or maybe it is

just me!

what is this about?

i have even strted feeling matter how much i eat i still feel hungry!

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    You're not pregnant. You have to have sex vaginal sex in order to become pregnant. If you got 2 negative blood tests your fine.. There is no way you are pregnant.

    This can be all in your head since you are so paranoid that you're pregnant. Which you are not.

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    First thing you should do is taking a deep breath. Now, I don't want to scare you, but before ejaculating, there is pre-ejaculatory liquid that CAN contain up to a few hundred spermatozoids. So yes, that could have gotten you pregnant. But no worries yet. One test can lie, but 5 tests? Even blood tests? It's an almost 0% chance that they would all lie. Getting your period is a good sign. It's true that some women, even if they are pregnant, get their period during the first months, but it's not like the normal period. It's like a brown/dark red liquid, much thicker than normal period. And it comes only a little bit. Bloating can have multiple causes. Drinking too much soda or eating certain foods can 'cause it. Your swollen legs may indicate fatigue for example. Feeling nauseus and vomitting can be a result of something you ate or it can be caused by your panic. Swollen breasts and growing appetite are perfectly normal before period. I'm sure it happened to you before as well, only you didn't notice. My opinion is that you're only a bit scared of being pregnant. I sugest you be careful in the future, though, just to save yourself from all this panic and bad feelings you have, as well as a real unwanted pregnancy.

    I hope I helped,


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    Go get a pregnancy test and when you take It make sure It's the first pee you take in the morning right when your wake up that is the most effective way to take It

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    calm down, you are experiencing pre-period symptoms... its just you paranoia, just calm down and you do not need parents to go to any clinics. But it is very unlikely you are pregnant, so just keep calm. It is just your period :)

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