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Are there different units in juvenile for pregnant women?

Well I missed too many days of school. So now I gotta go to juvenile. But I'm pregnant. Am I gonna be in regular juvie. Or will I be in a different center. Please help. Thanks.

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  • Zach
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    8 years ago
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    Nope. You are treated just like everyone else there. No special treatment. Those days of lounging on the couch because your ankles are too swollen are over. You'll sleep on a rock hard bed, you may or may not have roommates, you'll be in an uncomfortable uniform. You're in for a fun time.

    Source(s): Former juvenile corrections officer
  • Mutt
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    8 years ago

    Same juvie. Maybe a different section where they are better suited to tend to your needs. But don't expect special treatment.

  • Chuck
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    8 years ago

    regular juvie

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