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Is there a chance that I could be pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend had sex the DAY BEFORE I started ovulating. The condom broke and he didn't know it, but he still pulled out. I've had breast tenderness, mood swings, peeing, and tiredness. But most of these are normal for me. I have a week until my period is supposed to be here, but im really stressed out so what if I don't get my period? Please, anything will help!


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    I would take a test, if you dont get it it's probably because of stress just relax, usually before my period I have mood swings, peeing a lot, and eating a lot, just don't stress it go to a planned parenthood and get a blood test totally free :) wish you the best of luck

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    I would wait for your period but spotting is normal and sometimes confused with there period so you should probably take a pregnancy test at some point to be sure and when you take the test It needs to be the very first pee you take in the morning It's the most effective way to tell

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    wait for your period to arrive, if it doesn't then take. pregnancy test, preferably in the morning as your hcg levels are most accurate then

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