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Network Problem: Will this LAN work?

Networking Problem: Will this LAN Work?

I want to use this switch:

TP-Link 8-Port Switch

With 4 laptops (2 Windows 7 and 2 Windows Vista)

Using CAT. 5 cable

Will it work and if it does how do I set it up?

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    Do you plan on using the internet because if you do a switch won't work you need a router. With a switch you can run a LAN, you will need to set IP addresses on each computer. No two can use the same address. Look up "how to set static IP in vista" and "how to set static IP in win 7" on a search for full instructions. Once IPs are set you connect each computer to the switch with a cat 5 cable and they are connected. Depending on what you want them to do you may have to setup a "work group" for file sharing. Microsoft has full details on how to setup file sharing.

    If you use a router it has a dhcp server built into it which will issue IP addresses to each computer that connects.

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    Ofcourse it will work ...connect all the devices with lan cable in to the switch and configure network connections for all the devices manually by providing ip addresses ..example . next next and so on subnet mask will be by default and gateway you can leave ti blank.....

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