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How to make mom feel sorry about me?

ok long story short. Yesterday my mum puneched me by not using the laptop (i am using the phone) because i didn't study (final exams after 2weeks) but that isn't the only thing i start crying after that and she started to make fun of me by singing songs about me. Today she didn't let me eat my lunch saying i should me studying. But she made me clean the dishes after they ate lunch and the hole family went out to have fun and she locked me in the house also saying that i should study i tried to tell dad but he didn't listen. And i want to be singer, all my friends say that i really have an amazing voice but she always make of my dream.I don't want to take revenge i just want her to feel bad but how??

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    umm the serious 1...ur mum iz nt mkng fun of uh shez punnisng uh ..bcz may b she thnkx it wrk to let uh study.... the same problm wid mee too...i wanna b a singr bt....

    nywaezz stop talkng ny1 in yo family...stay silent lyk ur soooooooo sad nd hurtd.... stdu stdu study( keep yo buk frnt of uh whole dae) answr wateva dey askd datz need to talk ny thng else ...

    awl da vry bst

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