how do i show him i like him without actually telling him? (PLEASE ANSWER I WILL ANSWER YOURS!)?

Im in 7th grade, hes in 8th grade. We have never really talked, but everytime i pass him in the hall, he smiles at me and then blushes. A few weeks ago, my friends told me he was gonna ask me out and they said they had been talking to his friends. I saw them talking to his friends... A week later i was outside waiting to be picked up. Me and my friend were talking and he just walked up to me, then kinda backed up, and stood about 2 feet away from me for about 5 minutes. I smiled at him, but kept talking to my friend. He shyly walked away and his friends looked at him... he blushed, then he got in his car. Since then, he has been looking at me in the hall, and smiling.... Hes pretty cute, tall, and he seems really shy. I requested to follow him on Instagram, but he didn't follow me back? Hes giving me mixed signals. I kinda like him..... but im not sure if i would say yes if he would ask me out. I just wanna get to know him better and maybe get his number or something... I am pretty sure he likes me, but i need to know how to let him know i like him without really putting myself out there... Im not shy, but this guy is so I need to know how to let him know without it being uncomfortable and awkward.... I dont just like him because hes tall and cute (which adds to it) but hes also really sweet and funny...

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    8 years ago
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    My advice, is to not get in a relationship whist in 7th grade.

    There are already far too many teen moms.

    Study hard, get a good career, then worry about relationships.

    Trust me.

    Source(s): common sense, personal experience.
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