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Dear Christian/Catholic Theists, Whats up with god and the English Bible?

So you have the Bible which is the supposedly Infallible word of god and its written in many languages.

Then you have god who is almighty, all knowing all powerful, ineffable and infallible.

Simple enough so far?

Why does god not correct the mis-translations in the english version of the Bible(i understand that it's original language wasn't English) or correct the numerous contradictions (see ) in it if the words in the Bible are supposed to be infallible and important? Why would god risk misinterpretation on purpose? Philosophically speaking of course.

Note: atheists, I respectfully request that you choose NOT to answer this question. But if you feel so compelled to do so, so be it.


Some absolutely fascinating answers I was hoping to draw out of Theists, some of them relate to the unbiased outside understanding of the Bible and some of them seem sorta spiteful that I asked and some are actually fresh takes on the question and not unfounded cop-out style answers. If you honestly believe Im making these claims up, you don't watch enough of a variety of services on the subject, as many people who 'teach/spread' religion through church service and such make these claims on a weekly basis. Also fueling the fire of the question are various Youtube Theists who have responded to videos by an Australian gentleman named 'NonStampCollecter' who make these claims. Just because you are unaware of them, does not deny their existence (I can feel where some of you might want going to go with that quote, so I ask that you please don't so we won't get tangled in circular arguments/reasoning)

I was especially drawn to something Kyptos said : The Bible i

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    What you need to remember is that the bible was compiled under the auspices of the roman emperor Constantine and his successors in an attempt to bring all of the various belief systems of the empire under a common faith.

    The result was to be the universal or catholic faith. The word Catholic is derived from the Greek adjective καθολικός (katholikos), meaning "universal".

    There is nothing wrong with this and I do not mean for it to sound derogatory. You just need to realize that it is an amalgamation of the various faiths and the dogma and theology of these belief systems. Even assuming benevolence on the part of Constantine’s people, making this all make sense would have been a monumental task.

    The bible relied heavily on Jewish scripture and the New Testament was highly modified to support Paul’s teachings, which included such localized ideas as blood sacrifices to wash away sins, virgin births and resurrection of deceased deities.

    Sadly much of the central part of the Jesus theology was lost in the blended mythology. A mythology was created around a great teacher comparable to the Buddha and he was turned into an amalgam of all of the Mediterranean deities. His teachings on love and non-judgment were all but lost in a maze of judgmental often-vindictive gibberish that he would have never agreed with.

    Sadly some of the greatest teachings of all time were all but lost in Rome’s effort to be all things to all people

    Love and blessings Don

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    You can't get an answer about why God doesn't make corrections because you are starting from an incorrect viewpoint.

    The Lord didn't actually write the Bible - only the ten commandments and a few snippets elsewhere are the actual words of the Almighty, most of the book was written by men.

    Nobody I know would claim that the Bible is the infallible word of God. There are mysteries in it - things that contradict common sense and experience - but Christians accept the mysteries as being beyond human understanding. We might gain understanding in the afterlife.

    Another answer says that the Qran "plays down" Jesus Christ as just another prophet. That is not the truth. The Qran is the only "holy text" that explicitly describes Jesus Christ as the Son of God Almighty. It is those who interpret the Qran who try to relegate Christ's importance.

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    YOU MIGHT FIND IT INTERESTING , that what you are asking is & has been around for a long time:

    The Roman Historian Jerome sums up what you are asking:

    *** si p. 299 Study Number 4—The Bible and Its Canon ***


    4 What man knows today as the Bible is in fact a collection of ancient divinely inspired documents. These were composed and compiled in written form over a period of 16 centuries. All together this collection of documents forms what Jerome well described in Latin as the Bibliotheca Divina, or the Divine Library. This library has a catalog, or official listing of publications, which is limited to those books pertaining to the scope and specialization of that library. All unauthorized books are excluded. Jehovah God is the Great Librarian who sets the standard that determines which writings should be included. So the Bible has a fixed catalog that contains 66 books, all products of God’s guiding holy spirit.

    5 The collection, or list, of books accepted as genuine and inspired Scripture is often referred to as the Bible canon. Originally, the reed (Hebrew, qa•neh′)served as a measuring rod if a piece of wood was not at hand. The apostle Paul applied the Greek word ka•non′ to a “rule of conduct” as well as to the “territory” measured out as his assignment. (Gal. 6:16, footnote; 2 Cor. 10:13) So canonical books are those that are true and inspired and worthy to be used as a straightedge in determining the right faith, doctrine, and conduct. If we use books that are not “straight” as a plumb line, our “building” will not be true, and it will fail the test.

    For your information: The idea of cross referencing that appears in the back of most legitimate if not all writings Bibliography or small books to verify the truthfulness of information. Such a standard is there for biography's, auto-bio & helps people know there is less fiction than not. Throughout history this has been a milestone of non-fiction.

    Please note how people of renoun have unhesitatingly took a stand for its wisdom'

    *** ba p. 14 Can This Book Be Trusted? ***

    Can This Book Be Trusted?

    “I find more sure marks of authenticity in the Bible than in any profane [secular] history whatsoever.”—Sir Isaac Newton, renowned

    English scientist.

    *** g91 11/22 p. 5 The Bible Fought Disease Before Science Did

    A Very Accurate Scientific Book”

    Hippocrates was a Greek physician of the fifth and fourth centuries B.C.E. who has become known as “the father of medicine,” but much that the Bible says about diseases was written by Moses, about a thousand years before then. Yet, significantly, The AMA News published a letter from a doctor that said: “The best informed medical researchers now doing the best work are arriving at the conclusion that the Bible is a very accurate scientific book. . . . The facts of life, diagnosis, treatment, and preventive medicine as given in the Bible are far more advanced and reliable than the theories of Hippocrates, many still unproven, and some found to be grossly inaccurate.”

    *** g84 3/22 p. 10 Why Should I Read the Bible? ***

    “It is the best book that ever was or will be in the world, because it teaches you the best lessons by which any human creature who tries to be truthful and faithful can possibly be guided.”—Charles Dicken

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    The Bible was originally written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin, It was compiled over thousands of years. The books which where decided to go into the Bible were chosen by the Emperor Constantine. He was a Roman who converted to Christianity. Once he did he then converted Rome to Christianity. Through Romes expansion it also spread the word of Christianity into the known world. There where many books which didn't make it into the Bible and this was not God inspired this was by man. So we could be missing out on important parts of the Bible. Man has free will and God so created his creations to have it. So when Rome fell and when other more powerful kingdoms where beginning to form around the world who where made up of mixtures of different people who spoke different languages and most of them couldn't even read or write the Bible needed to be translated. Now Rome was still powerful and the Pope ruled things and the Catholic church. The church was powerful and people first saw this translation of the Bible as unholy. People didn't want this in the first place.

    To cut a long historical story short God lets man use his own free will and we will be judged upon what we do with it before God.

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    This is the question's author, I failed to realize the limited space I have to addend the question but I wanted to respond to as many of these as i could.

    I was especially drawn to something Kyptos said : The Bible is the work of man, who is fallible.

    Juxtaposing Rome with the Bible and God by in SloanweTrust is also interesting as it makes me aware that some theists are aware of that link and the implications of it.

    Don H mentioned the Bible was a amalgam of various Dogma's which helps justify my own research on the subject. Much love to you too my planetary brother, and blessings for what they're worth comming from a blasphemer like myself.

    Jehan's answer while well written demonstrated that my question is to broad and sweeping as his/her own interpretation of the bible is one of moderation and reason yet shows how divided the various denominations of Catholic/Xtian faith are, which is a question I'd like to get an opinion on another day.

    Tomas...T2002 quoted "“The best informed medical researchers now doing the best work are arriving at the conclusion that the Bible is a very accurate scientific book. . . ." Judging by the source, if this appeared in wikipedia it would be flagged as citation needed at the very least. Keeping in mind the black plague and the Dark ages, this claim needs more fuel as it comes across as unfounded. It's troubling but not surprising that one would take such information to be true despite evidence to the contrary.

    Absolutely fantastic start, I want to thank each of you for taking the time and allowing me to spark your curiosity as you have mine, and (mostly) showing me the respect I deserve as your fellow Earthling despite my heretical words. That what Jesus would do right?!

    Peace and Love and may we all find the truth together!

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    Why ask a question that you will accept no answer to, when the answer is not within pure and dispassionate logic, the answer is within human and passionate faith?

    Quite clearly even the most fundamental of Christians do not embrace and live by every word or passage in the bible (even though many insist that they do). Everyone picks and chooses, and that picking and choosing evolves generation to generation. That does not mean that every word in it is not of God or true - even the apparent contradictions or possible 'mistakes' in translations - all has a purpose. God's word and plan for us is not unchanging even if the sacred text remains the same. God is continuously illuminated to us in other ways. Such is the mystery of the faith. That mystery is legitimate fodder for questions such as this, even among the faithful - (faith has no meaning without doubt). But the answers need not satisfy those unwilling to embrace faith.

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    Ask the Catholic church why it believes what it believes do not assume that they are wrong because you have misinterpreted the bible.

    The church does has answers to all of these thing you point out. Look up Catholic teaching on certain bible passages.

    Do not be one who sees something on the internet and repeats it without checking if it is actually valid and without seeing both sides of the problem.

    Why would God risk misinterpretation of the bible? Freewill.

    God allows people to do good and evil. The entire protestant sect of christianity has misinterpreted the bible.

    The Quran down plays jesus as only a prophet.

    God can correct the mistranslations through people in our very day and age. God used people to created the bible with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and he can use the Holy Spirit to change it if He ever so pleases.

    If you are a determinist and believe there is no free will, but only a person's environment. If there is no free will is there at least a will?

    I find that determinism to be true, but incomplete. The way determinism defines free will is not the way free will is defined.

    Free will is making a choice with knowledge and without any knowledge no choice can be made.

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    . WTF is a THEIST ? ? ? . A theist - one who believes in the existence of a god or gods A worshiper, believer, worshiper - a person who has religious faith And this includes: Baha’is, Christianity, Messianic Judaism, Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, Judaism, Rastafarian movement, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Satanism, Mormonism, Paganism , Shamanism, Shinto, Wicca, Hinduism, Jainism, New Age, plus all the cults and sects of the above. ALL the believers listed here are THEISTS - There is only ONE true God, and that is YHWH the Creator - all other gods have been invented by man. If you want a truthful answer, ask a Christian as none of the other religions listed here know God’s truth. Next time ask a proper question to someone by name, not by a group that covers nearly everyone on earth. .

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