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My sister and i have different Glasses prescription, but the sph cly and ax are same on our contact lenses,why?

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    Well, it's probably easy to explain, but we don't see the prescriptions.

    You may each have slight different numbers on the glasses Rx but they must be fairly close anyway, so when converted to contacts they just happen to come out to the same thing by pure coincidence.

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    There is some correlation between an eyeglasses prescription and the prescription for contacts, however no professional optrician will furnish one situated upon the other with no new exam considering the fact that there is a enormous change between placing a corrective lens an inch in front of your eyes versus on prime of your eyes. I customarily tell my optrician that i'm planning to purchase both, so he generates a scrip for every in the identical visit... Then when I inform the attendants what to order, I as a rule only order the contacts (my glasses are as a rule one or two prescriptions old due to the fact that i do not use them as mostly). If i change my intellect before my next discuss with, though, they at the least have a "current" prescription for the glasses on file.

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    Contact lenses normally come in fixed powers, which are rarely an exact match for your individual glassres prescription. It may be in this case that your two prescriptions overlap, so your contacts are the same power.

    Basically the best match for you both is the same lens, which is a co-incidence. You may find that this isn't the case next time you get your lenses checked!

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