Can i beat the elite 4 with these pokemon?

this is on black

serperior lvl 70 (nicknamed ronald) vine whip, slam, pound, tackle (its a very versatile moveset!)

pidove lvl 56 (nicknamed rolls royce) tackle, wing attack, fly, roost (this ones my ace)

yamask lvl 8 night shade (this deals deadly damage) equipped with a adamant orb

reshiram (nicknamed firebird) lvl 60 fire blast, flamethrower, cross flame, flare blitz (i heard this one was quite rare! :P) EV trained 252 Atk 236 Spd 236 Sp Atk 36

mr mime lvl 47 (nicknamed jolly got him from a friend and traded from soulsilver which i beat already LOL) psybeam, psychic, psyshock, psycho cut (EV trained 252 Sp Def 252 Atk 4 Sp Atk)

gloom lvl 30 (my friend gave me this one. he said it proved really useful) poisonpowder, stun spore, sleep powder, burn heal equipped

im quite a veteran when it comes to pokemon and i go on sites like it really is quite good. but i didnt know if the elite 4 in this game was hard so LOL im gonna cheat LOL LOL LOL. and just for the heck of it LOL YOLO yamask! YOLO

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I was going to answer you but then you started saying YOLO and now I kind of just want to punch you in the face.

  • 4 years ago

    No, you will probable get so horribly destroyed, your Mareep will die. merely kidding, yet heavily, you will lose. I take it that's your first time battling the Elite 4, so their Pokémon would be weaker than common. yet nevertheless, going up against the Elite 4 with a LV16 Rattata is probable the superb concept there, assuming it knows speedy attack, undertaking, and has a concentration Sash. otherwise, prepare your Pokémon previous LV60, all of those you will use on your occasion. additionally, the actuality that your Gyarados is awesome would not make it any extra useful. that's purely a diverse coloration, extra uncommon.

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