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Does anyone have a funky Christmas tree idea?

I have to decorate a Christmas tree for my sophomore class and I would like it to be pretty awesome. But I'm drawing a blank here...

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    Upside Down Christmas Tree, Red Solo Cup Christmas Tree or a Ladder Christmas Tree would be different than what everyone else is doing.

    We had a Christmas tree competition in our school. Here's what we did:

    -Freshman year we had a "soup can tree." We then donated the food to the local food bank. It's easy to do, just stack the cans in a tree shape & wrap with lights & add a star to the top. It wouldn't have to be just soup, it could be Vegetables, Tuna, Ravioli, Spaghetti O’s, Spaghetti Sauce, Tomato Sauce, & Canned Fruit work also.

    -Sophomore year we had a "mitten tree." Classmates brought a pair of children's mittens & those were the ornaments. We added scarfs as garland & a stocking hat for the tree topper. Baby blankets made up the tree skirt. These went to our local shelter.

    -Junior year we had a "school supplies tree." We brought in crayons, markers, kleenex boxes, rulers, pencils, glue sticks, scissors, pocket Thesaurus, Pocket Dictionary, etc. to donate to our school.

    -Senior year we had a "stuffed animals tree." These were passed on to our city's police officers & fire fighters to give to small children who are accident or who are crime victims. We also brought our favorite small children's book. These were given to the kindergarten classrooms.

    ***We won every year. No one had ever gone the charity route in our school, now I'm happy to say that it's becoming a tradition!

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    Take photos of all the kids in your class and put them onto the tree. You could glue the photos to the baubles. Put a photo of your favourite teacher on the top of the tree instead of the star. Hang little empty gift boxes from the branches and attach some battery operated tea light candles to the ends of the branches

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    Get yourself gold spray and spray the tree golden from tip to toe. After that decorate with all kind of blinky stuff. That will look awesome.

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