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How can I stop my mice from fighting?

I have 3 male mice. Raisin, Chomper and Yuria. Raisin keeps attacking Chomper and Yuria. I did some research and it said that it is only serious if they draw blood, and that they'd eventually work out their differences. But they haven't. I've only had them for a week, and when I bought them they came from the same cage, along with several other male mice, so I thought they would've already known each other. But Raisin often chases one of the others around, and the other day, I noticed a bite mark on Chompers back. Also, just today, I saw Raisin actually latch onto Yuria's back and Yuria was trying to run away, but couldn't get anywhere. It looked bad so I picked him up to have a look at him (Yuria) and there is a bloody bite mark in his back. It is not bleeding, but it is red and looks a lot like blood. But it isn't dripping or anything. I don't know how to stop them fighting and I really want them to because I love them all and I do not want to give them back. Please help me.

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    Unfortunately, bucks past the age of 4 weeks old must be housed alone as they can and will fight, often until death. Even siblings must live alone. (The exceptions do not apply here.) Does, on the other hand, do best in colonies. Details follow:

    (second paragraph)

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    I am sorry you got bad information, but if you want to keep the trio, you will need to put them in their own homes. I know this is not what you want to hear, but the situation is only going to get worse until one or all of the mice are either seriously injured or killed.

    I love my little colonies which is why I get does. I only have two (colonies) at the moment, but it is not so bad doing multiple cages. Can you convert a couple of bin homes? They make inexpensive mouse housing. Nightly spot cleaning of the tinkle/poo areas prevents ammonia build-up.

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    males have a territorial thing, so it could be that. my friends dog ate their kittens head off, and then they had to put the dog down ( :'( ) because apparently once they get the taste of blood. "they need more" so maybe the mouse doesnt have blood extracted. i dont know :) when my hamsters fought (girl and boy) i would spray water on them. but it only worked sometimes. do chomper and yuria fight? if not maybe let raisin go to a different cage. :)

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    Well you just may have to return the one who's the fighter. It's just a male thing. (territorial issues)

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